Day 1
29 Sep 2022
Day 2
30 Sep 2022

Welcome note

Welcome note by Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Finance on behalf of Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus

Keynote speech

Keynote speech by Annita Demetriou, President of the House of Representatives (recorded)
Annita Demetriou


Nicolas Kyriakides
Yiannis Thomatos

Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola, President of the EU Parliament (recorded)
Roberta Metsola

Keynote speech by Colin Stewart

Keynote speech by Colin Stewart (Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) and Deputy Special Adviser of the Secretary – General (DSASG) on Cyprus)
Colin Stewart

Smart Cities in the Metaverse

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives constantly, from healthcare to mobility to food - including how we complete simple tasks. Interconnectivity and fact-based planning are more crucial than ever in the current resource-scarce world. CYENS panel introduces the current state of Nicosia Smart City initiative, its connectivity to metaverse and the political, economic and technological possibilities it brings along.
Dr Olga Shvarova
Andreas Panayi
Constantinos Yiorkadjis
Dr. Panayiotis Charalambous
Gogo Alexandrinou

Fireside discussions with young Cypriots

Xenia Miscouridou, Lecturer in Statistics and Machine Learning, Forbes 30 under 30 – discussion with Constantinos Christofides
Xenia Miscouridou
Constantinos Christofidis

Roundtable discussion with presidential candidates

Roundtable discussion with presidential candidates Andreas Mavroyiannis, Candidate President of the Republic of Cyprus Averof Neofytou, Candidate President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides, Candidate President of the Republic of Cyprus Discussant: Andreas Kimitris, Journalist, Newscaster at ΡΙΚ_CyBC
Andreas Mavroyiannis
Averof Neofytou
Nikos Christodoulides
Andreas Kimitris

Electric Mobility

Yiannis Karousos, Minister of Transport, Communications & Works Christianna Diogenous, CEO Unicars Dinos Lefkaritis, Executive Managing Director (CEO), Petrolina Discussant: Maniana Kalogeraki, Correspondent of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and Athens News Agency in Cyprus
Yiannis Karousos
Christianna Diogenous
Dinos Lefkaritis
Maniana Kalogeraki

Diversity & Inclusion by businesses – The case for LGBTQI+ Equity

Substantial diversity and inclusion in corporate policies bring lasting social, economic, and moral benefits not only for themselves but for their customers, employees, investors, and other key stakeholders. This is especially true for LGBTQI+ inclusion, which presents a litmus test...
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Prodromos Pyrros
Marianna Hadjiandoniou
Elli Matsouka
Christiana Ierodiakonou
Costa Gavrielides

Cyprus at the heart of a regional interconnected energy market. What would it take?

Knowledge Partner: PRIO Cyprus Centre  Preamble Speech by Mr. Marios Panayides, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry. Jan Petter Nore, former Director of gas strategy in the Norwegian Ministry of oil and energy; former Chief Energy...
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Marios Panayides
Petter Nore
Constantinos Taliotis
Nick Spyropoulos
Christina Olympiou
Maria Liapi
Cleopatra Kitti

Sport and Peacebuilding

The Sport and Peacebuilding panel discussion will aim at introducing and getting a conversation going on the topic of sport as a vehicle to foster people-to-people interactions, expose youth to diversity as well as promote peace, mutual respect and understanding...
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Sophia Papamichalopoulos
Nesrin Yuceulas
Okan Dağlı, M.D.
Stephanie Nicolas
Aziyade Poltier-Mutal
Arnaud Amouroux

The implications of the “Fit for 55” legislation package on the Cyprus Economy

Knowledge Partner: CMMI Panos Theodorou, Director, Assurance | ESG & Sustainability Services,    Deloitte Alexandros Josephides, Deputy Director General/Marine Manager, Cyprus Shipping Chamber Ioannis Efstratiou, Director, Safety and Environmental Protection Directorate, Shipping Deputy Ministry Maria Kyratsoudi, Business Development Manager, ABS...
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Panos Theodorou
Alexandros Josephides
Ioannis Efstratiou
Maria Kyratsoudi
George Partasides
Prof Dr Elias A. Yfantis

Euthanasia in Cyprus

Knowledge Partner: University of Nicosia Prof. Pierre Mallia, Chairman of the BIoethics Research Programme, Medical School, University of Malta Alexandra Attalides, MP Discussant: Constantinos Phellas, Senior Vice Rector, University of Nicosia
Professor Pierre Mallia
Alexandra Attalides
Constantinos Phellas

The Impact of the conflict in Ukraine in the Eastern Mediterranean

Knowledge Partner: Cyprus Centre of European and International Affairs Andreas Theophanous, President of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs and Head of the Department of Politics and Governance Ambassador Matthew Bryza, Board Member, Jamestown Foundation Discussant: Evie Mitsidou...
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Professor Andreas Theophanous
Ambassador Matthew Bryza
Evie Mitsidou Phillips

Cyprus Quality of Life Index

Dimitris Hadjisofocli, CSI Katerina Theodoridou, CSI
Dimitris Hadjisofocli
Dr Katerina Theodoridou

Fireside discussion on Cyprus with Noam Chomsky

Fireside discussion on Cyprus with Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics emeritus MIT / The father of Modern Linguistics (recorded) Discussant: Yiota Demetriou, Journalist
Noam Chomsky
Yiota Dimitriou

Transformative scenarios: Reflections on Colombia’s peace trajectory and presentation of Future of Cyprus initiative

Knowledge Partner: Reos Partners  Juan Manuel Santos (former President of Colombia) Muhit Ince Marcos Zambartas Discussant: Mille Bojer, Founder and Director of Reos Partners
Huan Manuel Santos
Muhit Ince
Marcos Zambartas
Mille Bøjer

Keynote speech on the idea for a Truth Commission

Achilleas Demetriades
Achilleas Demetriades

Intelligent Technologies for a Sustainable Energy Future

Knowledge Partner: KIOS Andreas Stavrou, Assistant Manager, EAC Transmission Substations Department Rogiros Tapakis, Deputy Spokesman, Cyprus Transmission System  Operator Lenos Hadjidemetriou, Research Lecturer, KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence Discussant: Markos Asprou, Research Lecturer, KIOS Research and   Innovation Center...
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Dr. Andreas Stavrou
Dr. Rogiros Tapakis
Dr. Lenos Hadjidemetriou
Markos Asprou

Misinformation, Fake News and Dishonesty: Living in a Post-Truth world

We constantly read that we have entered a “post-truth” era. As lies and “fake news” flourish, citizens appear not only to believe misinformation, but also to condone/ accept misinformation they do not believe. Dr. Effron’s research shows three psychological factors that encourage people to condone misinformation. In his upcoming talk at #CyprusForum Dr. Effron will talk about how can we get people, the media and our society to recognise and condemn such behaviour and make interventions aimed at reducing the spread of misinformation.
Daniel A. Effron
Maria Ftelleha Markidou
Petros Pantzaris

Networking drinks@Nicosia Municipal Park

Fireside discussions with young Cypriots

Eleni Charitonos, First Cypriot Analog Astronaut, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) – discussion with Christodoulos A. Protopapas, Managing Director, Hellas Sat Ataman Kinis, Music Composer & Researcher – discussion with Meltem Burak, Content Creator, Pod Producer, Project Officer
Eleni Charitonos
Christodoulos A. Protopapas
Ataman Kınış
Meltem Burak

Dubravka Šuica (keynote speech)

Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, European Commission (keynote speech) Knowledge Partner: European Commission representation in Cyprus Citizens’ Participation in a democracy fireside chat Discussant: Michalis Moutselos, UCY
Dubravka Šuica
Michalis Moutselos

European Year of Youth

Knowledge Partner: EU Parliament Office in Cyprus, Cyprus Youth Council   Costas Mavrides, Member of the European Parliament Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Christiana Xenofontos, European Youth Forum Maria Kola, President of the Cyprus Youth Council, Data...
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Costas Mavrides
Christiana Xenofontos
Maria Kola
Aliye Taygun
Ahmet Aksunlar
Thea Pieridou

All about fertility

Having children does not come easy for everyone. Studies indicate that approximately 1 out of 6 couples experience fertility problems at some point. Find out more about fertility and cross-border reproductive care at the ‘All About Fertility’ panel discussion by the world’s largest egg and sperm bank, Cryos International. MP Savia Orphanidou, Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Nicos Zottis, Cryos Director of European Operations, Saghar Kasiri, and Deputy Ministry of Tourism Officer, Thalia Christodoulidou, will touch on numerous informative topics surrounding fertility and the prospects for the promotion of Cyprus as a ‘fertility haven’. Sophia Paraskeva will also be shedding light on her personal fertility treatment experience. The panel discussion will be led by writer, blogger and podcaster, Eleni Antoniou.
Thalia Christodoulidou
Savia Orphanidou
Nicos Zottis
Sophia Paraskeva
Saghar Kasiri
Eleni Antoniou

Benefits of attracting international tech companies

The attraction of international tech companies has represented a key policy towards the establishment of flourishing economic ecosystems in the past thirty years. Tech companies represent anchors in smart and specialised economies, as their presence generates an ecosystem of knowledge-based SMEs and startups, and a better attitude towards innovation. Successful countries have combined their offer of excellent human capital and infrastructures with focused incentives and tax exemptions. Nevertheless, the global geopolitical conditions are rapidly changing and the delocalisation of core and critical tech companies, as well as their supply chains, is affected by conflicts and decoupling policies, which counterbalance the economic advantages. How attraction policies and company strategies are going to face the new international situation? How other factors, like the evolution of labour and capital markets will generate new opportunities and threats?
Angele Giuliano
Petr Valov
Stavros Drakoularakos
Evgenios Evgeniou
Fabio Maria Montagnino

Participatory Education: Reforming, Transforming and Advancing Education in an Evolving World

In a rapidly transforming world, societies and cultures shift in needs, challenges, and opportunities, affecting every citizen’s capacity to be actively engaged in the civic domain. Education comes forward, once again, as the primary medium to facilitate access, participation, and inclusion for all, in public goods, services, decision-making, and employment. The Center for Social Innovation - CSI is brining together diverse global experts and practitioners in education and civic engagement, to discuss and propose tangible paths to revolutioniSe the learning process, so that learners can be the decision-makers of their future.
Dr. Michal Mlynar
Prof. Dr. Niyazi Kizilyürek
Dr Lucy Avraamidou
Dr Katerina Theodoridou
Sotiris Themistokleous

Keynote speech by Asma Khan

Keynote speech by Asma Khan, Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author Darjeeling Express
Asma Said Khan

Keynote Speech by Stelios Kympouropoulos

Keynote Speech by Stelios Kympouropoulos, Member of the European Parliament, EPP
Stelios Kympouropoulos

Inclusiveness through innovation and entrepreneurship actions

How can entrepreneurship and innovation enhance #inclusiveness and have long-last impact to marginalised groups of people? Entrepreneurs and innovators can bring real positive change through their actions in our society. Economic empowerment can be increased through entrepreneurship and innovation for women, minorities, youth, seniors, immigrants and rural residents through a number of actions. During GrantXpert’s talk we will hear about real practical examples of how this has been achieved. Join us in a thought-provoking and unique discussion.
Andria Zafirakou
Dr. Alexandros Yeratziotis
Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou
Natalia Kouhartsiouk
Christina Achilleos
Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou

Inclusive growth and the future of work

Knowledge Partner: Cyprus Economic Society   Zsolt Darvas, Bruegel Duygu Guner, Bruegel Discussant: Ioannis Tirkides, Bank of Cyprus
Zsolt Darvas
Duygu Güner
Ioannis Tirkides

Working professionals going back to education

In a dynamic and highly competitive employment market, working professionals needs to stay up to date with developments and as such executive education becomes of the utmost importance. Thus the framework in Cyprus must be redesigned to accommodate the needs of working professionals going back to education and we should move away from the notion of higher education being targeted only to youngsters leaving school. The needs and wants of working professionals going back to education are radically different and all stakeholders must create an ecosystem that enhances the proposition for life long learning.
Anna K. Touloumakos
Patrick Werquin
Dr. Terpsa Constantinidou
Dr (hc) Yangos Hadjiyannis

Mobilising Business and Finance against Modern Slavery

Step Up Stop Slavery is honored to be a knowledge partner with the Cyprus Forum addressing the topic of Mobilization of the Business and Finance industries in combatting modern slavery. #Modern slavery is the gravest #human rights violation of our time. It is a financially motivated crime, generating profits of over 150 billion dollars a year, from the exploitation of over 50 million people globally. The truth is that modern slavery cannot be eradicated without the committed and active engagement of the business and finance industries. Join us for this discussion where will explore the pivotal role the finance industry plays in combatting #slavery and #trafficking and the practical steps banking institutions can take towards eradicating this crime. Our leading experts will also highlight why #businesses are uniquely placed in protecting #human rights and how they can unlock their potential becoming key players in the fight against slavery and trafficking through their #ESG agenda, #human rights #due diligence and #ethical business practices and #supply chain due diligence. Any conversation about trafficking must embrace the voice of survivors. And we have the honour of having with us internationally acclaimed #survivor leader Timea Nagy as an integral part of this discussion.
Valiant Richey
Daniel Thelesklaf
Judge Michelle Brewer
Timea E. Nagy
Niki Charilaou
Katerina Stephanou

Fireside discussion with Paul Bloom

Fireside discussion with Paul Bloom, Professor, Scholar, Writer Discussant: Steven Sequeira Gouveia, PhD, PostDoc Research Fellow Minds, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Unit
Paul Bloom
Steven S. Gouveia

There is No Plan(et) B: youth activism in the fight against climate change in Cyprus and Greece

The challenges of climate change are acute in the Eastern Mediterranean, a hotspot of rising temperatures. Climate change prompts collaboration and interconnectivity, yet the region is unconnected and steeped in conflict. How do young people see the challenges of climate change and what needs to be done? We compare attitudes and activism among young people in Greece and Cyprus, based on original fieldwork research. What do they think needs to be done? How does politics need to change? What might result from giving youth a stronger voice on this key agenda for the future? ELIAMEP and the Hellenic Observatory bring together experts to help us understand what may change.
Cleopatra Kitti
Lydia Avrami
Othon Kaminaris
Spyros Spyrou
Eleni Theodorou
Kevin Featherstone

Kleanthis Koutsoftas keynote speech

 Kleanthis Koutsoftas, President of the Youth Board of Cyprus (keynote)
Kleanthis Koutsoftas

Digital education for/and inclusion

Digital tools offer immense possibilities for educators and learners and can be a driver for the promotion of inclusion and accessibility in education. The shifting realities and needs of modern life have made the provision and development of digital skills and competences a priority of the educational systems and a priority in the path to digital transformation. Bringing together a panel of renowned global experts and practitioners, this session will explore digital education for inclusion and critically examine the challenges and possibilities that technology brings to education. The speakers will share and discuss on how digital education approaches and tools can be utilised to facilitate and foster inclusion as well as the necessary steps, on the ground and at policy level, to ensure the empowerment and equal access for all.
Michalinos Zembylas
Eleni Mangina
Charalambos Vrasidas
Elena Papamichael
Andrie Daniel

Circular Economy

The demand for change and the path marked by the Circular Economy is a decisive response against climate change and the grave environmental consequences we observe daily and on a global scale. The new state of play requires a systemic change in how we produce and consume, and such a change should be global to lead to a cultural adaptation with awareness and education for the general population and a specific focus on reskilling and upskilling for the active workforce. Join us on an inspiring panel discussion with global thought experts that will reveal the impact of the Circular Economy on a global scale with a specific take on the Cypriot market. The speakers will share insights on how various industrious and sectors will be affected, and together we will explore the opportunities Circular Economy brings and the requirements needed from the global population to ensure equality.
Giorgos Demetriou
George Kremlis
Athina Panayiotou
Dr. Antonis A. Zorpas
Andri Demetriadou
Nicole Phinopoulou
Dr. Mark Esposito
Joyce Halloun

Keynote speech by Nicholas A. Christakis

Keynote speech by Nicholas A. Christakis, Sterling Professor of Social & Natural Science, Yale University Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society
Nicholas A. Christakis