Benefits of attracting international tech companies

Benefits of attracting international tech companies

The attraction of international tech companies has represented a key policy towards the establishment of flourishing economic ecosystems in the past thirty years. Tech companies represent anchors in smart and specialised economies, as their presence generates an ecosystem of knowledge-based SMEs and startups, and a better attitude towards innovation. Successful countries have combined their offer of excellent human capital and infrastructures with focused incentives and tax exemptions. Nevertheless, the global geopolitical conditions are rapidly changing and the delocalisation of core and critical tech companies, as well as their supply chains, is affected by conflicts and decoupling policies, which counterbalance the economic advantages. How attraction policies and company strategies are going to face the new international situation? How other factors, like the evolution of labour and capital markets will generate new opportunities and threats?

Angele Giuliano, EIC Ambassador, Managing Director AcrossLimits

Petr Valov, Founder & CEO, Exness

Stavros Drakoularakos, General Manager Philip Morris Cyprus

Evgenios Evgeniou, Chairman, Invest Cyprus

Discussant: Fabio Maria Montagnino, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, The Cyprus Institute