Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The demand for change and the path marked by the Circular Economy is a decisive response against climate change and the grave environmental consequences we observe daily and on a global scale. The new state of play requires a systemic change in how we produce and consume, and such a change should be global to lead to a cultural adaptation with awareness and education for the general population and a specific focus on reskilling and upskilling for the active workforce. Join us on an inspiring panel discussion with global thought experts that will reveal the impact of the Circular Economy on a global scale with a specific take on the Cypriot market. The speakers will share insights on how various industrious and sectors will be affected, and together we will explore the opportunities Circular Economy brings and the requirements needed from the global population to ensure equality.

Knowledge Partner: Circular Economy Alliance


Dr. Giorgos Demetriou, Director of the Circular Economy Research Center

Georges Kremlis, Principal Advisor to the Greek Prime Minister

Athina Panayiotou, Director General Cyprus Organization for Standardization.

Dr. Antonis Zorpas, Associate Professor at Open University of Cyprus

Andri Demetriadou, Head of Energy and Environment at Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation

Nicole Phinopoulou, Lawyer specialized in regulatory compliance & #ESG

Dr. Mark Esposito, Co- founder of Circular Economy alliance and Nexus Frontiertech

Discussant: Joyce Halloun, Project Coordinator, Circular Economy Alliance