Mobilising Business and Finance against Modern Slavery

Mobilising Business and Finance against Modern Slavery

Step Up Stop Slavery is honored to be a knowledge partner with the Cyprus Forum addressing the topic of Mobilization of the Business and Finance industries in combatting modern slavery.

#Modern slavery is the gravest #human rights violation of our time. It is a financially motivated crime, generating profits of over 150 billion dollars a year, from the exploitation of over 50 million people globally. The truth is that modern slavery cannot be eradicated without the committed and active engagement of the business and finance industries.

Join us for this discussion where will explore the pivotal role the finance industry plays in combatting #slavery and #trafficking and the practical steps banking institutions can take towards eradicating this crime.  Our leading experts will also highlight why #businesses are uniquely placed in protecting #human rights and how they can unlock their potential becoming key players in the fight against slavery and trafficking through their #ESG agenda, #human rights #due diligence and #ethical business practices and #supply chain due diligence.

Any conversation about trafficking must embrace the voice of survivors.  And we have the honour of having with us internationally acclaimed #survivor leader Timea Nagy as an integral part of this discussion.

Knowledge Partner: Step Up Stop Slavery


Valiant Richey, OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator Combating Trafficking in Human Beings 

Daniel Thelekslaf, Project Director FAST Initiative (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking)

Michelle Brewer, UK Judge 

Timea E. Nagy, CEO, Founder, Best Selling Author, Award winning Global Human Rights Activist, Survivor leader

Niki Charilaou, Manager Financial Crime & Sanctions Compliance at Bank of Cyprus

Discussant: Katerina Stephanou, “Modern Slavery Compliance” Consultant, CEO, Step Up Stop Slavery