Paul Bloom

Professor • Scholar • Writer

Eleni Charitonos

First Cypriot Analog Astronaut

Noam Chomsky

Professor of Linguistics emeritus MIT / The father of Modern Linguistics

Nicholas A. Christakis

Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science
Yale University

Steven S. Gouveia

PhD, PostDoc Research Fellow Minds, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Unit
University of Ottawa

Asma Said Khan

Chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author

Stelios Kympouropoulos

Member of the European Parliament, EPP

Dr. Michal Mlynar

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations

Constantinos Phellas

Senior Vice Rector
University of Nicosia

Andria Zafeirakou

2018 Global prize winner, Best teacher in the world
Artists in Residence (AiR)